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Adress:   Bačko-topolski put bb, 21220 Bečej

It is located 15 km far from the city Becej on the way to Backa Topola. At the end of XX century here on 1500m2 a member of the richest family in Vojvodina, Bogdan Dundjerski built a castle like in fantasy. Today, in the castle there is the hotel FANTAST the property of “PIK-BECEJ”. Besides the castle, the complex consisted of a chapel, a small castle, a park with a lake, a playground for children and two terrains for tennis. It is possible to see the castle accompanied by a guide.

The hotel contains 2 suites, a three-bedded room , 17 double-bedded rooms, a restaurant with 90 sitting places, a café bar with 25 sitting places, a conference hall with 80 sitting places, a festive saloon and a car park. 

Structure of room
castle (B&B)
single room
23 euros
21 euros
double room
41,5 euros
36,5 euros
1/2 as 1/1
from 30,5 euros

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